segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Growing strong (qualquer dia explico-te em português)

I'm building on my own good freedom, I'm building on my own good strike of force.
Try to appear that love is something touchable...Fake, is what it is.
Fly away like a bat from the light, smoke like a cloud, trust on my own good eyes.
The sweetest torment, without any kind of care, flying away to that planet of yours, where life isn't important anymore...Just taste and sightseeing.
Take care of you now...You'll be walking like the morning dawn, sensing like music on your ears, tasting what it feels to be like...ourselves.

See you there, and now, see you on your good life.

Best regards...not.

2 comentários:

Nc disse...

Achei que não voltavas mais, achei que a tua propria liberdade o havia levado pra lugares distantes...

Eduardo disse...

Voltei...e voltei com força! continua a ler-nos!